About Us

Our Story

Teterete and other animal representations are commonly used on crafts and artwork made by Mexican artisans, are part of their environment and have been expressed in many different ways since ancient times. Teterete believes that each piece and the artist who created it, has a story to tell. This brand reserves old features of the ancient creations, materials, colors and shapes, and why it was created. These kind of stories enable us to appreciate cultures and traditions more.

Who We Are ?

Teterete is the common nickname that people from southern México used to name the funny “Basiliscus lizard”, also known as “Jesus Christ Lizard” because its ability to run across the water, attributes that people from this region take with sympathy.


We believe that each piece and the artist that create it, have A STORY TO TELL. It can be his own story or the story of his family, a story about his town, traditions and the influence that this background have had on his life. But, we also believe that each piece created it has its own story; when was produce, if it still preserves old features of the ancient creations, the kind of materials, colors and shapes and why it was created. This kind of stories talk to us about cultures, about traditions so we can understand better other communities.


What We Do ?

Teterete celebrates Mexico’s vibrant folk art with a collection of home accessories made by skilled local artisans.


If you love bold colors and elaborare ornaments, the handmade housewares from Mexican fine crafts Teterete will set your heart aflutter. From woven runners and embroidered pillow covers to rugs and boxes each piece has an authentic artfully eclectic feel

 Why Us ?

18% of the Mexican population live entirely of creating and producing these magnificente pieces of art.  Many of them share old techniques from generation to generation. Pottery, weaving and textiles, lacquerware, carved and painted wood, baskets and bags, stone-working are part of these well known artwork.


Garments are as vast as food which influences due its variety and color.  Ingredients such as corn, vanilla, cocoa, chilli peppers, beans, tomatoes, cinammon, fruits, flowers and the ground itself serve as sources of inspiration.

We travel, select and bring the best of all our country for you.