Oaxacan Cuisine: The New Food Trend of 2018

Administrator / / Travel & Living / January 26th, 2018

If you search on Google to know more about Mexican food you will notice for sure that our food is included in almost every Top Best Food Lists, I don´t mean to grab, but our food is one of a kind. Our native ingredients combined with old traditional methods (still in use) and of course the Spanish influence make our food amazing.


But this year, acording to Forbes, there are 5 Top trends to follow to find the best food options around the world:


  • Regionality: Region´s heritage combined with local products
  • Flowers: A lot of color and edible flowers
  • Sustainability: Local farmers and producers with an ethical treatment of livestock
  • Unique Seasonings: Exotic ingredients for unique seasoning flavors
  • Gold: Gold leaf inclusions


Well, Oaxacan food has all of them, maybe not gold leaf included but the whole food is a mine of gold, don´t you think?


The regional food from Oaxaca is a total experience. From sauces made with insects to local ingredients which add uniqueness to each plate including a wide variety of spices and herbs. There is heritage and old techniques implemented on any dish, you find old recipes still prepared the same way as their grandmothers and mothers used to cook. You find Oaxacan restaurants on every corner of our country because it is delicious and we don´t have any doubts Oaxaca cuisine will be the new trend food of 2018.



Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s major gastronomic, historical, and gastro-historical centers whose cuisine is known internationally, you have ingredients such as corn, chocolate, cinammon, mezcal, coffee beans, grasshoppers, ants and worms. All this amazing complexity is also find on its Folk Art which is part of the local culture inherited from pre-hispanic civilization.


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