Tequila Weekend

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We all are familiar with Tequila, the distilled spirit made from the cooked and fermented juice of the agave, but not many of us know much about how it is produced and where, so we prepared some recommendations for a great Tequila Weekend.

Tequila is a beautiful town surrounded by large extentions of cultivated land, the spirit licquor gets its name from this quiet country village located about one hour away from Jalisco capital, Guadalajara.


We recommend you reserve your stay in Guadalajara, from there you will find several options for a weekend getaway to Tequila. We stayed in Demetria Hotel in the Americana neigborhood, a boutique Hotel very well located, which from you can walk and see beautiful spanish mission style houses, also eclectic French or “Estilo Porfiriato” as we say in Mexico, designed by well known Mexican arquitects as Luis Barragán.

You will find interesting restaurants and coffee shops where you can have a decent dinner. The Demetria Hotel has intention but feels cold and dark. The rooms are big and comfortable, the beds are great and the bathroom and shower have agreat design, still a little somber though.

Hotel Demetria

In our trip back from Tequila we stayed at the AC Hotel Marriot which is located in the new Business District, not pretentious at all, well designed and comfortable, just 10 minutes walking distance from Plaza Rio, an open mall full of bars and restaurants, popular hangout for young locals.

You have several options to reach Tequila, it all depends on how long you want to stay there. We think that one day trip is enough but if you want to visit tons of distilleries then you will need to spend one night in Tequila, not just for saving time and have the opportunity to visit as much as possible but for the amount of Tequilla you will drink while visiting each of them 🙂

If you like travelling in groups – with a bunch of activities and without worrying about deciding what to do – then take the Tequila train, you have different options like Jose Cuervo Express and Herradura Express. The Jose Cuervo Express  is the most popular and you will find different options depending on your budget. You have 3 wagons with different sets and services. The luxury car offers a private table for 4 people, waiters and bar tenders. They include Mexican snacks for breakfast before you start to taste the whole portafolio of Casa Cuervo Tequilas, we recommend have a light breakfast before you arrive. Your ticket includes a whole day full of activities, starting at 8:00 am at the train station if you reserved the Sunrise schedule, you also have the Sunset option where you take the train by the afternoon after all the activities.

Jose Cuervo Express

Herradura Express

The ticket includes one way on the train, the other portion of the trip is by bus. After arrival you will have a tour through Casa Cuervo distillerie with a guide which explains and take you through the whole Tequila production process and the history of the place, later you will have 2 or 3 hrs free for lunch, shopping and visit the “Plaza”. You will have enough time to visit other Tequila distilleries like  Sauza or Orendain houses, all of them walking distance from Casa Cuervo and the main plaza.

The tour ends with a Mariachi and Mexican dancers show in the auditorium within Casa Cuervo facilities, more Tequila tasting and many of the visitors singing a really happy after a day of Tequila drinks. You last stop will be at the Agave cultivated fields, beautiful country side full of Blue Agave Tequilana Weber, the scientific name of the maguey plant from which the Tequila is produced.

The train services are scheduled just on weekends (Saturdays and some Sundays).

If your think is travelling alone (without a schedule and crowds) then choose a private tour where you can decide at what time depart and back, deciding what distilleries to visit and been in control of your visit.

The next day we recommend to visit the main attractions in Guadalajara like the Hospicio Cabañas ,  The Cathedral or Teatro Degollado and have a great lunch or dinner while you relax in the capital of Jalisco, visit Tlaquepaque to get amazing Mexican Folk Art

¿Have you travel to Tequila, what do you recommed?

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