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Administrator / / Travel & Living / August 15th, 2017

We, design-lovers,  are always in search of things and ways that can differentiate us from others. One such element is the way how we style our home. The decor used to enhance the look of your house should be carefully selected. As they will not only be the first astonishing thing to be noticed by any visitor, but also will speak a lot about you.

One of the most widely used decor items to decorate your living room or dining/kitchen areas are the Table Cloths and Table-runners. In this regard, Mexican Otomies Textiles have the most unique and stylish embroidered designs you can choose from. Hand embroidery can never get better than this. It is simple yet beautiful way to decorate your home with designs that showcase the beauty of nature in the most appropriate way. Whether it is a pillow cover or a table runner you can find a range of products that is designed to suit your need.

These beauties are made by creative weavers from Tenango de Doria, a small village located in the State of Hidalgo and are part of the Otomi indigenous group. The Otomi peoples speak at least four closely related languages, all called Otomi living in the central plateau region of Mexico.



Could Otomi become the next ikat? Although it’s unlikely that the fanciful Mexican prints could grow as popular as the versatile geometric patterns, last fall Vogue suggested Otomi might be the “next textile trend to watch.”


“In the 1960s, after a drought decimated the region’s financial stability, the traditional craft was revived as an additional source of income for the Otomi people. According to legend, the animals still depicted are derived from a nearby cave’s ancient drawings, although the aesthetic has clear roots in Spanish and Aztec styles as well”. Vogue



If you desire to make your home look even more elegant and showcase some true folk art that has the magical touch of Mexican art, then this the best place to select a suitable home decor item. Any corner of your home can be well defined with the beautiful range of Wall Decor designs that expresses the beauty of Otomi Embroidery .

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