Árbol de la Vida – Tree of Life

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The Tree of life is an iconic hand-crafted sculpture made of clay in central Mexico. In old times these trees use to have biblical representations as Garden of Eden and other religious representations. The images added to these trees were used by the Spanish friars to teach the pre-hispanic natives about religion.

Hispanic people produced representations of their gods in clay, but when the spaniards arrived destroyed it all replacing them with catholic images instead. The classical Arbol de la Vida has a God on top of it and branches that represent the 7 days of creation of the universe.

These days you can find many different topics and motifs more related to the new society created after the conquest. Representations of Catrinas, Mexican artcrafts, butterflies, toys and more. They can be as detailed and complex as any masterpiece depending of artisans skills.

Arbol de la Vida

Arbol de la Vida

The main town in Mexico where you can buy these wonderful pieces is Metepec, Mexico. Here you can find complete families dedicated to this unique and great work. These trees are totally hand-crafted and some of the master artisans in this town have been awarded around the world.

Metepec Mexico

So don´t wait an get one to decor that special place at home!

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