Upgrading Your Home Decor With 5 Mexican Folk Art Ideas

Administrator / / Travel & Living / May 21st, 2017

The culture of Mexico is an absolute gold mine for the lovers of authentic folk art these days. Are you tired of watching your dull home interior? Then maybe it is time to think something out of the box to give your home a tremendous unique look that will not only make you go amazed, but also anyone visiting your home. In order to add an extra dash of charm in your home decor, adorning it with Mexican Folk Art can be an excellent choice for you.


1.- Include colorful rugs, Mexico has a big tratition in creating beautiful rugs. Geometric designs, pre-hispanic simbols inspiration or even now with modern colors and designs. All of them woven on a pedal loom and using natural pigments to add unique colors.


Oaxacan Gray Rugs

Mexican Hand-woven Rug

2.- Rugs are a great addition not just for the floor, you can add an special ethnic accent when you use them as wall decor. Look at this great example of Urban Outfitters with a special request of side rugs that were requested to Teterete Mexican Arts + Fine Crafts.



3.- You have tons of hand-woven textiles in Mexico, amazing colors, designs and perfect suitable options for any room or empty wall in your home. You can add a colorful Otomi embroidered textile, palm baskets, Mazahua embroidered fabrics or even an incredible framed huipil blouse.




4.- Ceramic handcrafted pieces are also a great example of uniqueness and originality for those special areas at home, as you know, Mexico has an old prehispanic heritage that influence even now the artisans job. Don’t be scared on set a Mexican Folk Art piece in a modern or contemporary space, it will look just great.



5.- Pillows, pillows, pillows…Don’t worry, Mexican pillows match perfect on any type of house of space, you have tons of colors, shapes and designs. Any region in Mexico has a skilled weaver who create unique pillows, just a tip. Try to include hand-woven pieces and surprise your guests.




Your house will look just amazing with some of these ideas, go and find the perfect match for that special space with the variety and quality of Mexican Fine Folk Art. We can give you free fresh ideas, don´t hesitate and contact us.

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