July 9

Celebrate your Culture Through Home Interior Design

You’re proud of your ethnic heritage. Why not bring elements of your cult

February 2

Día de la Candelaria Celebration (Tamales Day)

Día de la Candelaria celebration (better known as Tamales Day) is a holiday that takes place every year

January 26

Oaxacan Cuisine: The New Food Trend of 2018

If you search on Google to know more about Mexican food you will notice for sure that our food is included in almost every Top Best Food Lists

January 17

Tequila Weekend

We all are familiar with Tequila, the distilled spirit made from the cooked and fermented juice of the agave, but not many of us kn

October 17

Oaxaca an Ethnic City Full of Arts and Crafts

Oaxaca city has everything for your home decor. You need to explore its little towns to find the best local stores full of color and amazing 

October 9

Enhance your Home Vibes with Mexican Folk Art

If you enjoy the folkloric artwork, the air of mysticism that ethnic element offers, the

September 19

Keep your home ambience relaxed and appealing with Mexican Style Decor

Today, the life is filled with a lot of stress due to family, work and other issues. In this environment, it is necess

August 15

Otomi Textiles for Design Lovers

We, design-lovers,  are always in search of things and ways that can differentiate us from others. One such element is the way how we style our home.

June 29

Arte Huichol

Los Huicholes viven en las montañas de la Sierra Madre Occidental donde los mayores asentamientos se encuentran en Jalisco y Nayarit. Son pueblos que

June 10

Great Ways To Add Color to Your Home

Decor are one essential thing that can add on more to the beauty of your surroundings. Now-a-days, many companies have designed a range of innovative

May 21

Upgrading Your Home Decor With 5 Mexican Folk Art Ideas

The culture of Mexico is an absolute gold mine for the lovers of authentic folk art these days. Are you tired of watching your dull home interior? The

October 16

Day of The Dead Festivities

Día de Muertos is a global one of a kind festivity. We mexicans celebrate our family and friends who are dead with a

September 4

Mexican Decor Ideas

On this section you will find some ideas about Mexican style decoration, old haciendas awesomly desingned, great patios, modern interior spaces with a

September 4

Árbol de la Vida – Tree of Life

The Tree of life is an iconic hand-crafted sculpture made of clay in central Mexico. In old times these trees use to have

September 2

Mexican Indigenous Textiles

Textiles is one of Mexico’s more important crafts as it represents the continuation of tradition as well as its fusion with modern designs and techn